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Rental Properties Gillingham
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Rental Properties Gillingham

When it comes to renting property we understand that you want to find and secure the right property quickly, with as little fuss and cost as possible. This is why we are taking a fresh approach to lettings and setting our standards high, with honest advice and up-to-date information available at all times. You need to be able to make informed decisions when renting a home and we aim to help you do just that. 

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Common Renting Questions
  • Do you accept payments by cheque?
    We usually ask that tenants make direct payments into our account either on-line or by standing order and so we prefer to not accept cash or cheques. In certain circumstances and possibly on the first occasion, rent & deposit monies may be paid by cash or cheque directly to us. However, any cheques issued must have cleared in our account prior to keys being released or possession granted. Tenants wishing to pay rent by cash or cheque for ongoing rents may be liable for additional handling/bank charges.
  • Am I allowed to keep a pet at the property?
    The majority of Landlords will not allow pets to be kept in their properties however there are a few Landlords who would allow certain pets subject to additional rules. If a pet is allowed, we would insist that a higher deposit be paid to cover the increased risk of damage. In addition (dependent upon the type of animal) carpets and upholstery must be professionally cleaned & flea treated shortly after you have vacated.
  • Can I install SKY or CABLE TV at the property?
    Each property and Landlord is different however, in most cases, Landlords do not mind if Sky/Virgin Cable is installed at the property as long as it is carried out neatly by a professional installation team, the works remain within the terms of any lease or planning consents, and do not cause a nuisance or interfere with any neighbouring property or land. As usual, permission should be sought from your Landlord in writing prior to ordering any services. Pay attention to the length of contract you are signing up for as you will remain wholly responsible for any costs even if you move out.
  • What happens once I have submitted an Application?
    Once you have submitted your application to us and your Landlord has accepted your application to rent in principal, you application will be submitted to an accredited professional referencing agency. They will carry out investigations surrounding your current situation based upon the information you have suplied, and carry out consumer credit references, bankruptcy checks and search for you on the electoral register at your current address. In normal circumstances, we would expect to have an answer back within 2 - 3 working days.
  • How will I know if my Application will be successful?
    Prior to any viewings taking place, we will have a rough idea of your current situation and indeed what type of property you are looking for. Based upon the information you tell us, we will be able to assess whether we can assist you in your property search. Assuming we are able to help, if you submit an application to us, we will discuss your circumstances with the prospective Landlord prior to any costs being incurred. We will highlight any issues that we think may hinder your application and discuss ways of overcoming them before proceeding further. If you are able to provide solutions to our concerns such as paying additional rent in advance, paying a higher security deposit or providing the backing of Guarantors, we will continue with your application.
  • Is there a charge to view properties?
    No, viewing a property is completely free & you may view as many properties as you wish. Simply contact us by whichever means you prefer regarding the property you are interested in and we will arrange an appointment to show you around.
  • What is an EPC and how long will it be valid?
    An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) measures the energy efficiency of a property using a scale of A-G and is valid for 10 years. It is a legal requirement for landlords to have a valid EPC before their property is let.
  • What is a Guarantor?
    A guarantor is any person known to you who would be willing to support you throughout the life of your tenancy and indemnify the Landlord against all costs & associated issues that may arise during the Tenancy. The Guarantor would be required to pay any outstanding rents and cover damage expenses that may be over and above the security deposit amount. Guarantors are usually family members but more importantly, they must be in full time employment and willing to have references taken up on them.
  • Am I allowed to decorate the property?
    If you wish to make any alterations to the decoration of the property, written permission must be sought either directly from your Landlord or via our agency, It is usual practise to write your intentions in a letter detailing what you propose to do, which rooms/walls you would like to decorate and include a paint sample chart or wallpaper samples (where relevant). If your Landlord grants permission, the works must be carried out neatly, professionally and must be to an acceptable standard. Dependent upon the decorating you have done, it may be that you do not have to return the property back to its original decor after you vacate however your Landlord will usually reserve this right.
  • What happens if my Application is unsuccessful?
    Once an agreement has been reached in principle and your application has been submitted to the referencing agency, if something should come to light that you have not already told us about, your application may be declined unless we are able to find alternative ways of overcoming the situation, such as higher security deposit or Guarantors.
  • What does LET AGREED mean - Can I still apply for that property?
    Once a property is showing as let agreed, this means that an application has been received and an agreement to rent has been reached. Usually at this point, successful referencing results have been received and therefore the chosen applicants are probably just awaiting their moving in date. If you have viewed the property recently and would like to be considered for it, please contact us and we can discuss the options. If you register your interest in the property, we can always contact you if anything should fall through with the current application.
  • How much Deposit do I have to pay and who looks after it?
    In normal circumstances, the deposit amount (or security deposit / bond) for each property is the equivalent of 6 weeks rent, unless expressly stated to the contrary. Where there are a number of appliances included or valuable fittings, landlords may request a higher deposit. Tenants will be required to pay the security deposit to the landlord or agent in cleared funds before the tenancy can start. The landlord or agent must inform tenants where the security deposit will be held. This information will form part of the tenancy agreement. Ask your negotiator on the viewing for further details.
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